Why hire an editor?

raven01As a freelance editor and former intern for both an agent and a publishing company, let me tell you something that I hope you already know. The publishing industry is glutted with manuscripts looking to get noticed. You’ve got to put your best, most polished draft out there in order to get picked out of the slush pile. How can you be sure that you’re putting your best work forward if you haven’t shown it to anyone yet?

Maybe you’ve shown your manuscript (your shape-shifting demon romance novel, your young adult contemporary novel) to your boyfriend, or best friend, or to your sister who reads a lot. Maybe they loved it! That’s great. Showing your work to people you care about is a great first step. But you need an editor, someone who’s not invested in you emotionally, and who knows a thing or two about structure and style, to look at your novel before you decide it’s ready for the unforgiving public.


Editing is the answer

I specialize in YA, Sci-fi, Fantasy, and Romance novel editing. I can give you insights into your writing that you may not have realized you needed. You’ve been working on this manuscript for too long. You’re too close to it to see where it still needs work. Check out my Services page to see how.

There are a glut (a superfluity, an excess, a plethora) of narratives out there today vying for the attention of the masses. Let me help give yours an extra boost.


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